Announcing ResMart’s NEW Unit Conversion Tools

Announcing ResMart’s NEW Unit Conversion Tools


We want to see your next project succeed! The team at ResMart has built a full set of conversion tools to help maximize manufacturing efficiency, control your operating costs, and adhere to key regulatory requirements.


Our online calculators address key metrics for project planning, including:


  • Temperature

  • Density

  • Weight

  • Izod/Energy

  • Pressure/Strength/Modulus

  • Power/Dielectric Strength

  • Thermal Expansion

  • Thermal Conductivity

  • Specific Heat


Let us do the math so you can focus on your project parameters and make the material choices that get the job done!


Using the ResMart Custom Unit Convertors


Hone in on the precise material requirements of your specific application in just a few clicks. Enter key values or dimensions in any of the boxes on our tool page, and select the drop-down tab to find the exact conversion you need.


Our calculators will cover the numbers so you can get back to business. Just a few clicks and you’re ready to go!


Looking for more help with your order, or see a conversion we’re missing? Reach out and let us know!