ResMart Ultra POM 9

High Performance Copolymer Polyacetal for injection molding applications

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ResMart Ultra POM 9 is available for purchase in increments of 55 pounds

Acetals are rigid, creep resistant and strong. They possess low coefficients of friction. They remain stable in high temperature service and offer exceptional resistance to hot water environments. They are virtually unaffected by strong bases but are attacked by strong mineral acids.


  • Resistance to creep and fatigue
  • Rigidity and resilience
  • Resistance to solvents


  • High specific gravity
  • Anisotropic shrinkage
  • Narrow processing window
Product Properties
ASTM D638   Tensile Elongation >10%
FDA Compliant No
RoHS Compliant Yes
ResMart Grade Ultra
SKU F08UL0001
Weight 1.000000
Manufacturer ResMart
ASTM D256   Notched Izod Impact 0.125” 1.2 ft-lbs/ in
ASTM D790   Flexural Strength 12,600 psi
ASTM D790   Flexural Modulus 370,000 psi
ASTM D638   Tensile Strength 9,300 psi
ASTM D1238 Melt Flow Rate 9.0 g/10min
ASTM D792   Specific Gravity 1.41
MSDS (58.25 kB)
Data Sheet (80.16 kB)