ResMart PC/ABS NH-1015V

Non-halogenated, flame retardant PC/ABS that is natural in color and intended for use in injection molding applications

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ResMart PC/ABS NH-1015V is available for purchase in increments of 55 pounds
PC/ABS alloys process with the ease of ABS materials yet have a toughness similar to polycarbonate materials. The high heat distortion of the alloy is an improvement over ABS, while the low temperature impact resistance gives it an advantage over polycarbonate.
Product Properties
ISO 2039 Rockwell Hardness (Scale M) 118
FDA Compliant No
RoHS Compliant Yes
ResMart Grade Premium Branded
ISO 306/B50 Vicat Softening Temperature 100 °C
UL 94 Flammability 1.50 mm V-0
UL 94   Flame Rating 5VB @ 2mm
SKU F25NA0001
Weight 1.000000
Manufacturer Lotte Advanced Materials
ASTM D256   Notched Izod Impact 0.125” 10.0 ft-lb/in
ASTM D790   Flexural Strength 13,000 psi
ASTM D790   Flexural Modulus 340,000 psi
ASTM D638   Tensile Strength 9,200 psi
ASTM D1238 Melt Flow Rate 30 g/10min
ASTM D792   Specific Gravity 1.17
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