Enhanced impact and temperature resistance copolyester material that is transparent and can be used to make a wide array of injection molded items.

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ECOZEN® T110 is available for purchase in increments of 55 pounds
Bio-PETG, 100°C HDT, 12% Renewable
Product Properties
FDA Compliant Yes
RoHS Compliant Yes
ASTM  D785  Rockwell Hardness 119
ResMart Grade Premium Branded
ASTM D1003 Transmittance 89 %
ASTM D1003 Haze < 1.0
UL 94   Flame Rating V-2 @ 1.6mm
SKU F11NA0005
Weight 1.000000
Manufacturer SK Chemicals
ASTM D648   HDT (66 psi) 212 °F
ASTM D256   Notched Izod Impact 0.125” No Break
ASTM D790   Flexural Strength 12,500 psi
ASTM D790   Flexural Modulus 316,000 psi
ASTM D638   Tensile Strength 7,400 psi
ASTM D792   Specific Gravity 1.27
Data Sheet (101.36 kB)
MSDS (368.96 kB)