About ResMart

The Next Generation Distribution Option

ResMart is putting a new spin on the old model and empowering the plastic processor in the process. By offering up to 4 distinct quality grades per resin family, ResMart offers the plastic buyer line card optionality without sacrifice or compromise.

Distributed and Local

ResMart is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas and serves North America via 6 distribution centers, a national sales force and an army of material engineers ready to support you.

Distribution 2.0

Welcome to 24/7 web order convenience including the option of paying by credit card. Get real-time pricing on the web any time. See the status of your account, recent orders and shipments all with a few mouse clicks. Better systems mean faster and more effective order processing which leads to lower costs. We are constantly improving our systems and technology to better serve you. Our site is mobile ready and device independent.

ResMart Product Guide

Manufacturers often create hundreds of different grades in the same resin type in an attempt to confuse and gain a premium price. At ResMart, our team approaches plastic distribution differently. Our highly trained sales force and technical service team strive to provide you with the right grade for your job while also helping you achieve your quality and price goals.

ResMart Complete Product Brochure

Engineering Support

At ResMart, we're committed to providing engineering and technical support for better business decisions. With years of experience in the field (and a dedicated team of engineers), our company is ready to assist your team with product knowledge or cost-effective methods that will help you improve your bottom line-- including any issues if they arise! We also offer testing services just in case there are unforeseen circumstances during use.

We are experts in helping our customers select just the right resin or combination of resin so that it meets all your needs - from delivering reliable products at an affordable price point to innovative new materials without compromising quality or safety standards; no matter what type of product you need, we have got you covered!

Customer Support

The ResMart team is available to help you with any of your resin needs, ensuring that your time and money are used in the most effective way. With our innovative customer service approach, we want to be sure everything gets done right so that you can focus on what matters - growing your company!

No matter the situation, we're here to help. We have a team of customer service representatives and engineers ready around-the clock so your business can always count on us for support. They've been through continuous trainings that keep them up to date with all new technological innovations in case they need it while working closely alongside our customers.

Sales Support

We know how important it is to not only sell you the best product for your needs, but also make sure that you are totally happy with our products and services. Our team of sales professionals will walk through an array of offerings such as resin selection and troubleshooting so that we can provide a customized solution to fit all your company’s-leading goals!.

When it comes to specialty resins, we've got you covered. From commodity grade resin, branded resin and engineering resin solutions, our team of highly qualified sales professionals have decades of experience in the field at your disposal with one quick email or phone call. One thing that is important when submitting a project for consideration is managing correspondence between ResMart sales reps and their clients- from start to finish! We offer great insight into all aspects throughout each phase of the process so there's no need for second guessing how any decision was made; just ask us anything - we're always happy answer questions about what goes on behind closed doors here at ResMart.